Everything's going downhill for me

<p>I am a higher-than-average student in my highschool with a GPA of 3.4. Ive worked hard this year(junior) but i felt like im just a string of bad luck. I took the SATs during June and received a 1510, which made me extremely upset. Ive also taken AP classes, AP Physics B and AP English. Ive received a 1 and 2 on those tests. Now i might understand not doing well in my physics because i never took physics prior to AP, but my English score really brought my spirits down. I feel like a complete failure and a retard and i feel like a complete delinquent, when i'm not. My regents scores were terrible as well. I received a 70, 72 and 79 on my physics, Spanish, and trig. This summer i plan on studying, but this bad streak has led me to be extremely demotivated. I feel really embarrassed venting myself in this website, since it's made for overachievers, but i try to overachieve. I want to get good scores, but i have no clue as to why ive been doing bad. I want to be in the top percentile, but i do not know why i cannot achieve such. Im not a stupid kid either. I guess im just bad with exams. </p>

<p>What can you overachievers recommend? </p>

<p>Sounds like you go to a crappy high school that doesn’t have a high enough standard of excellence to prepare you for these standardized exams. Therefore you shouldn’t take it personally. You are not a complete failure. </p>

<p>Have you ever tried doing Khan Academy for free on line? My younger daughter really likes it. She’s used it to overcome crappy teachers and learn the material she needed anyway. </p>

<p>Why don’t you try studying that in some topic that interests you. </p>

<p>My response is similar. You go to a lousy high school with low expectations and where being compliant is rewarded because nobody is looking for scholarship. Not your fault. You need to take control of your learning-study Khan as stated above and anything else you can use to improve your understanding. Stop thinking of an A as an achievement. instead, consider that an A in your school is a C elsewhere so you need to really go above and beyond with everything you are assigned to do. Go over the top with everything.</p>

<p>Get study guides and workbooks and use those. Force yourself to get harder resources than the school offers and make yourself study at more depth than your school requires for the A+.</p>

<p>Ok i have to ask. If at a 3.4 you are higher than average what is your rank? </p>