Exactly how hard is Neuro 1?

<p>I'm curious about neuroscience, and I'm interested in taking Neuro 0010 as an elective this fall, but I'm not prepared to devote as much time to it as I will to classes in my concentration. I'm a third-year biology concentrator (and I've taken Bio 80, but no other neuro-related classes).</p>

<p>My question is this: if I take the class S/NC and attend all the lectures (listening attentively/taking notes) but I don't buy/look at/read the textbook at all or spend any other time outside of class preparing for exams, could I pass the class? Or, if necessary, if I spend a couple hours before each exam reviewing my lecture notes, would that be enough?</p>

<p>I didn't take it, but from what I saw from my friends who did, you're gonna have to crack open that textbook often! I had several friends who took it S/NC expecting not to work hard for exams...they were in for a surprise. No doubt it was a fantastic class; they just had to work very hard. Neuro1 is a lot of memorizing so you're going to have to open your notes at some point or another throughout the semester...unless you have a photographic memory...</p>

<p>It may be different for you because of your background (and as a 3rd year, you'll likely have better study skills than most of the 1st years), but I've heard from my friends that it's a ton of memorization and reading the book, even just to pass.</p>