Exaggeration in housing guide?

<p>Are these quotes (reprinted below) in the housing guide exaggerations or true reflections of the living conditions? Thanks for all input!</p>

<p>For NMQ:
"Mostly everyone is a sophomore who already has an established group of friends and isn't looking to make relationships with freshman. I IMPLORE YOU to NOT LIVE IN NMQ."</p>

<p>For SMQ:
"At SMQ not only do you get to live with a roommate but also with mice. The water fountains often don't function, the showers often don't get hot water, the ceilings leak with water from the bathrooms above, the vending machines steal your money and so do the laundry machines and there is no machine to put money on your WildCARD in SMQ."</p>

<p>"It's a shame that we have to pay thousands to live in such a horrible place. I hope housing reads this so that they can actually start fixing students' basic needs of living."</p>

<p>For ISRC:
"For a freshman its very hard to socialize here without being segregated into ISRC-land the rest of your life."</p>

<p>Thanks for your comments :)</p>

<p>By the way, I decided to make a new thread for this, as it didn't exactly relate to my old thread...is that allowed? (I'm new here.)</p>

<p>Yes they are exaggerated.</p>