Excelsior Scholarship Application Date?

I’m in New York, and have been waiting for the Excelsior Scholarship Application to open for the state school I’m attending this fall. Does anyone know if and when it’ll open? I thought it was supposed to be around June.

I understand if COVID is conflicting with the scholarship but I just don’t want to be in the dark about it.


What school are you attending? Did you complete the NYS TAP application on the NYS Higher Ed (HESC) website? @sybbie719 is a NY expert and can explain the rules. You can also check the [HESC website](NYS Higher Education Services Corporation - The Excelsior Scholarship) for information. If you subscribe to their email list you’ll receive notifications about deadlines.

Excelsior is not open yet. There is not an opening date yet. because NYS has not passed a budget yet. As soon as they pass. Budget a and Excelsior and Tap are funded then families should be able to access it

Remember all states will have a short fall in funding due to Corona. Many states are waiting on the passage of the Heroes act from the senate because education funding is part of the act.

All you can do for now is wait


the excelsior application is now open. It closes on August 31