Excelsior scholarship

Hi, I really need to know if i can still apply for the tap application to receive my excelsior scholarship. I previously didnt know about the tap application and only signed up for the fafsa. Will i have to pay out of pocket for college now or will i still be able to receive my excelsior scholarship if i sign up for tap right now? Im really scared that I messed up my whole scholarship because of this

@sybbie719 knows how the Excelsior program works. She’ll probably know the deadlines.

It looks like the deadline for applying for the [Excelsior Grant](https://www.hesc.ny.gov/pay-for-college/financial-aid/types-of-financial-aid/nys-grants-scholarships-awards/the-excelsior-scholarship.html) is Aug. 31st. The [NYS TAP application](NYS Student Aid Payment Application) looks like it’s still open too. Submit both as soon as possible.

What’s your FAFSA EFC? It looks like the Excelsior Grant isn’t guaranteed this year. Can your family pay out of pocket if you don’t get it?

Definitely fill out your TAP application (especially if your family makes less than 80K). Get your excelsior application in ASAP (especially if you do not have a 0 EFC where you would get the max in TAP)

Unfortunately it looks like Excelsior may not be guaranteed in time to pay your tuition as the state has not gotten any additional funding (still tied up in the senate).