Exclusive AMA w/ ACT: What Every Student Should Know About Picking a Major or Career Path

Are you ready to chart your course for career success? Though many professionals turn to career coaches after they are in their careers and seeking a change, ACT is bringing you resources to start off on the right foot, right now.

Join ACT and Coaching for Everyone’s Dr. Victor McGuire for an exclusive AMA on College Confidential and explore what majors and career paths are best suited to you.

This AMA is a follow up to the “What Every Student Should Know About Picking a Major or Career Path” webinar they hosted yesterday.

Here are some aspects we can cover on this AMA:

  • a better understanding of how to find a fulfilling career path;
  • top tips for aligning your major to a career;
  • an exploration of career pathways that don’t include going to college straight out of high school; and
  • finding your future career “fit”— now!

Gain insights from an industry-leading career coach on what teens should know about career planning so make sure to ask all your questions below.


For those who did not attend the webinar, do you mind sharing a few tips on how students can align their major to a career?


Sure! Dr. McGuire shared some unique perspectives on things you can consider doing today to start aligning with your future goals.

For example - do you prioritize your own wellness? One of the secrets to career (and life) success is to prioritize wellness. You have to put your oxygen mask on first to be a good student, worker, friend, and citizen. How do you show up for yourself now? Prioritizing wellness can help you when you experience challenges and stressors such as school or applying to college.

Another tip from Dr. McGuire is to create your own Board of Directors. We think of companies having Boards, but what about creating one for your college or career path? Boards are meant to provide diverse perspectives to guide a company forward. Pick two or three people to be on your board. Maybe a teacher, a friend, a cousin, a neighbor, a coach, or other person who can provide advice and support.

We’ll dive in and share more tips throughout the week!

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Hi! I am a current junior in high school. What steps can I take now to understand what majors/careers might be a good fit for me in the future?