Exeter/Andover/Deerfield Chances

<p>I am going into the 10th grade and I will be applying to those schools next year and would like to know what you thought my chances of being accepted to those schools were.
I'm also currently attending a parochial school. </p>

<p>Here are my grades:</p>

<p>Geometry A = A + (An accelerated geometry course usually taken by sophomores)
Latin = A +
Business = A + (only available if you take a higher level math course)
Literature = A +
Physical Education = A +
Religion = A +
Christian Health and Wellness = A +
Keyboarding = A +</p>

<p>I am expecting an SSAT overall score of 95%+ (800 math)
I ran varsity cross country as a freshman and am very good at it. I also ran varsity track and am very accomplished at it (800 time is 1:57). My interests are economics, math, computer science(freelance web development projects and I just created a web forum for runners), running, and photography. I also read a lot of biographies and volunteer at my local library weekly. </p>

<p>If it changes anything I will also be applying for financial aid.</p>