Exeter -vs - Andover

I was wondering do people often apply to both and do the schools know if they do? What make someone a better fit for one or the other ?

They are more similar than they are different. They have slightly different vibes (we’re you not able to visit?). They might have slightly different classes so if you have one subject you’re obsessed with check out courses in that subject. Honestly so much of a BS experience hinges more on which dorm you happen to get and which math teacher, out of ten, you happen to get. Those matter far more than which school you’re going to and they are pure luck.

Yes I think a lot of kids apply to both. Most kids apply to between 5-10 schools so it’s not unusual or noteworthy to the schools.


Many apply to both. Few get into both.

Probably both amazing schools, but my honest opinion from all the webinars we’ve listened to is that the Andover vibe was generally more humble and likable…the main Exeter guy was kind of a turn-off to me in several online discussions and said “if a kid gets into Exeter, they go to Exeter”, and also cut a lot of very polite kids off when asking questions. I don’t like the feeling that a school is riding completely on their name recognition.
Just my opinion!!!


One difference applicants should consider is the harkness method in science courses. Exeter is strictly harkness which is discussion based. Depending on the teacher there may be some or little teaching from the teacher. The experience is largely driven by the classmates and how the teacher guides the discussion. Many times students have to learn things on their own. I’d say it’s good for the proactive learners but not for those who rely solely on traditional teaching in classrooms.

Many kids coming in didn’t realize the difference. To many it will be a painful, long adjustment period. However, kids who become proactive learners benefit from it in the future.

Umm… not sure how to put this … if humble is what you want and you are put off by institutional arrogance Andover may not be what you are looking for.


I wouldn’t call it institutional per se, I was just kind of put off by the blatant, overt arrogance of one person who happened to be at the top. There is probably plenty of arrogance to go around!