Expected Financial Aid

<p>I know this is hard to determine; however, I would like a general idea about how much I could expect in F.A. My combined family income will be at $60,000 (max), I have a 94 unweighted GPA, I've been a member (Pres and VP) of many clubs (including NHS), I'll rank either 9-15 in class of 450, and my SAT score is 1250. </p>

<p>My parents are also divorced. One is about to retire so his income will drop and my mom is on disability social security. </p>

<p>For instance, is it plausable for the cost to ever be driven down to the cost of the average state school?</p>

<p>we all know the financial aid process is very tricky and unpredictable but you can kind of gauge how much you'll get. the expected family contribution(EFC) generated from FAFSA will be a pretty big determining factor in what you get. a friend of mine had an EFC of 0 and had about a 3.0 and got about 25k in grants. i had an EFC of about 25k and only got 5k in loans but had excellent grades in my opinion. scholarships are also more leniently given out when you enter as a freshman as opposed to continuing years. </p>

<p>there should be a chart on BU's website stating the chances of your aid based on EFC, class percentile, and SAT scores. your percentile seems superb but i'm not too sure about your SAT score. when you fill out the financial aid applications, make sure you fill out the "special circumstances" section and explain everything. looking at your situation, i dont think it'd be farfetched to expect average state school costs for you.</p>

<p>Ok since you are applying for financial aid and not scholarships here you go... should answer your question</p>

<p>Boston</a> University - Office of Financial Assistance - Applying for Financial Aid</p>

<p>and i hope that SAT score is out of 1600 hundred and not 2400. Cause then you can say bye bye to financial aid. BU is very generous if you have need and have great test scores because they want to draw in the brighter students to their school!</p>