Expedite Admission Decision?

Hello, I applied to UCF in October and I am so anxious because I am still waiting for a decision… I was wondering if you guys have any advice!? I have called admissions multiple times to ask when I could expect a decision because UCF is my number one choice, but they have been very unhelpful and just told me that I would know by May 31. Is there any way I could expedite a decision for UCF? Is that even possible? Any advice to how much longer I may need to wait for a decision? I don’t mean to sound impatient, I’m just super anxious because UCF is my first choice and I would love to attend!

UCF uses “rolling admission,” meaning they process applications as they are received. I don’t know what the normal turnaround is, but don’t give up!

When you get a decision, there are four possibilities:

  • You could get approved for Fall 2021
  • You could get approved for Summer 2021 – more on that below
  • You could get placed on a waitlist – and from there could get approved for Fall, Summer, or nothing
  • Your application could get declined.

Decisions will continue to “roll” in between now and early May.

In early May, UF and FSU send their offers of acceptance. Many Florida students have UF or FSU as their preferred school, with UCF as a close second. So as students get accepted and commit to the other schools, UCF applicants get picked up from the Waitlist. So in May, you’ll see a bunch of threads here about Waitlist stressing and acceptance.

On Summer Admission – Summer admission is one of UCF’s great secrets. All it means is that you have to take at least one ONLINE course in Summer B after you graduate HS. If you do that, you are IN for Fall. It’s actually a great idea, because you need 9 hours of summer attendance anyway (with some exceptions).

If you get Summer acceptance, and want to go to UCF, accept it right away, and apply immediately for housing. An offer of Summer enrollment is also a “NO” for Fall, so don’t make the mistake of waiting.

And apply for housing right away, because your housing acceptance date will dictate a) whether you get into housing at all, and b) which dorm community you are in if you decide on an Academic Year dorm contract (just Fall and Spring).

Good luck, and Charge On!

(Oh…and welcome to the CC-UCF discussion!)

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Thank you! I’m just curious as to how the decisions can come out all the way in May if National decision day is May 1 and we need to commit to most colleges by then!? My concern is if I don’t receive a decision by then, I want to commit to UCF but I also know I can’t wait that long just in case it may not work out.

That depends on what “commit” means. You may be able to “commit” to a safe school and then change your mind later with few, if any consequences.

You just have to be sure you thoroughly understand what different schools mean by “commit.” It may mean nothing, may mean giving up a $100 deposit, etc.

In the end, what really matters is ending up where you want to be. You don’t want to throw money away, but if it’s a choice between $100 and being where you want, that’s an easy choice for me!

What are your numbers? SAT, ACT, GPA, etc?

Also, if you really want UCF and don’t get in, there is also the possibility of attending a local college and transferring to UCF after one or two years.

UF and FSU send their offers of Admission in February, not in May.

And decision day for most universities and applicants outside of EA/ED/UCF SUMMER (which may be 30 days after acceptance but non binding as no deposit needed) is May 1st.

Thanks for the correction!

One other comment, and it’s a word of caution:

I would not ask for them to expedite. They will make whatever decision they’re going to make in due time…according to their schedule.

IF you ask them to make a decision right now, it’s quite possible the only decision they can give you is a “NO.” And that is definitely NOT what you want.

Seems most or all of the expedite requests here worked. Did anyone get a negative decision?

Yes! I also saw that some may have expedited their decision and they got an acceptance! My issue is that I don’t want to wait until the last minute to decide on a college, especially because no matter which college I choose I plan to start in the summer. So I would like to be able to plan for which ever university I attend. I hope to attend UCF, I’m just nervous to see how long they may make me wait.

I did see some people in the waitlist threads last year get expedited acceptances.

But I think I also saw at least one NO.

So I think there is some risk there, and I wouldn’t try it unless I was absolutely up against a wall and really needed a decision right now for some reason. Impatience is not a reason.

It’s just an unnecessary risk, and it’s especially so if you think there is a chance you won’t be accepted. We have no idea what your GPA/test scores are, so none of us can give you any SWAG about your chances.

I know the wait is frustrating, but National Decision Day is THREE MONTHS away. My advice is to be patient, and realize that even if you don’t get into UCF for Fall, there are several other routes to get in (Summer, transfer, etc.).

When should I be expecting decision from UCF realistically? I probably need to make a final decision with a college no later than end of March, so would I hear back from them by then?

Realistically…there is no answer to that. There are too many factors to consider, and we know none of them except your application date was October.

For whatever it’s worth, my daughter applied in October 2019 and was accepted in late January 2020. But that was then, and this is now.

In early 2020, all students were in class, all staff were in their offices – it was a normal time. It is nothing like that now.

I think the most accurate estimate you have gotten so far is what Admissions said – you’ll know by May 1.

I think one key date to watch is when UF and FSU announce their acceptances. And I think GatormarriedNole is right above that those announcements should be coming up soon.

I know that we actually visited UCF with our daughter exactly one year ago today – 2/10/2020. We finished the tour, and she said simply, “I’m not waiting. THIS is what I want.”

Shortly after we returned home (within a week) she got her acceptance to FSU.

Once those UF/FSU acceptances come out, a lot of students will commit to them and drop out of UCF’s pool. Right after that, more UCF acceptances should go out.

Good luck!

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I just checked the CC UF page, and the people there were also saying mid-February for decisions. NONE had reported any decisions yet.

I did one more bit of research to try to help you gauge your likelihood of acceptance.

UCF is very transparent (and very proud) of the levels attained by their entering Freshmen. Following are the average scores for the class that entered in Fall 2020:

  • Average SAT: 1320

  • Average ACT: 28.7

  • Average weighted GPA: 4.18

  • Number of National Merit Scholars: 82

Keep in mind those are averages, not minimums, so there were students admitted with scores higher and lower than the above.

How do you “drop out of the pool”? I thought people simply fail to deposit by may 1st.

Two answers:

  • I have heard (but don’t know if it’s true) that Florida universities notify each other when someone actually commits after a certain date.

  • The students themselves withdraw deposits they have made, or notify the schools.

I’m not sure of the process, but I do know there was a rush of acceptances in mid/late-Feb last year.

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So hopefully I hear back by February- March! Also, do you know the stats for UCF summer term? I can’t find anything on them only fall. I applied to summer because that I when I want to start but I can’t find any statistics on that term?!

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What are your stats?

I don’t believe UCF publishes those stats term by term – just Fall each year to give an overview (and a little bragging) of their student body.