Expelled from High School? Do I have a chance at Penn/Yale?

Also - I hope I didn’t sound like I think you shouldn’t apply.

The truth in life is; if you want it, go try to get it no matter what people say and what your odds are. The only way you can be certain you wont get in is if you don’t apply. I would apply but also focus on other schools.

You sound a little too smart for me to have to list people who were told they couldn’t do things and kept trying - you know - the Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, etc… People with big dreams are the ones who lead big lives.

Good luck

Wow - surprised to hear about how the catholic schools’ administration overreacted to your situation. In light of your LGBT situation, it seems to make sense. However it will be an uphill battle to explain all of this.

What will likely happen is that if the Yale/Penn admissions officer is interested in you, they will call the guidance counsellor at your former HS. The GC from your catholic HS will tell them why you were expelled, and won’t likely mention the LGBT issue. Your point of view won’t get represented, and it will leave a lot of doubt in their minds on whether or not you told the truth.

Dismissal from a catholic HS just because you are LGBT would run afoul of many federal discrimination laws. Have you considered filing a lawsuit against your former HS? You might be able to find a lawyer to take your case pro-bono. Filing a lawsuit and then stating in your application that you were discriminated against because of your sexual orientation would provide a lot more support to your side of the story. Otherwise the admissions officers will just hear one side.

Filing a lawsuit is no easy thing, and is not to be taken lightly. There are plenty of free advice forums on the internet that can provide more information. Best of luck.

The schools non disclosure policy isn’t exactly what you think it is. They won’t post on facebook, their website or send out press releases that Joey was expelled. They will, if asked state that you were expelled just not the reason. If an application asks if you received disciplinary action, be truthful or don’t be surprised if it comes back to bite you big time.

After rereading all of the responses, be honest about it. Don’t state that your expulsion for being on school property after hours was an excuse because your LGBT. My first thought was that you were using LGBT as an excuse instead of owning up to your expulsion. Private schools have a lot more leeway in things. They fire pregnant unwed teachers because it is against the teaching of the church. School rules are often vague for a reason. The high school here has a rule about groups wearing the same color. While we all assume they mean gang colors, technically it also includes Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Will schools ask about the expulsion? Most likely yes. Why? They don’t know if you were expelled for some childish action or because you threatened a teacher with a knife and your parents got you out of any legal action by excepting the expulsion. Does this type of thing happen? Yes. One boy here was goofing around with his car in the school parking lot when the assistant principal stopped him. The AP noticed a disassembled guy in his vehicle. Kid claimed it was disassembled and wasn’t in the school. No where in the rules does it state assembled guy and that it must be in the school. Since the parking lot is considered part of the school and the term gun didn’t clarify assembled or disassembled, daddy took the expulsion to keep the police (other than the school resource officer) out of it. The local Catholic school took him. So except responsibility, learn from your actions and move on.

LBGT is not a hook. And not disclosing an honor code violation/expulsion is not ok.

For everyone who keeps reviving this dead thread I think it is important that you all know I did decide to disclose my disciplinary action on my application. I did what I felt was right and am hoping for my best chances considering so… My old school agreed to still write my teacher/counselor recommendations despite the issue and I do believe that that could potentially speak well to my academic prowess and everything I achieved pre-dismissal. Thanks for the input but this thread is no longer relevant

Closing thread, as it’s been resolved per the OP.