Experience at Baruch College/ Other affordable colleges?

Does anyone like to share their experience at Baruch? I’m currently a rising senior from NJ in search for an affordable college. Fortunately, my family is willing to help pay for my college but I don’t want to completely ruin my dad’s credit(Family makes around 115k but my dad will be paying for my college, he makes around 50k). I can’t find much about the student experience at Baruch so if anyone wants to share their or someone that they know experience from there, that would be very much appreciated. I’m also open to other suggestions for affordable colleges if anyone is willing to give their two cents.

  • I'm a slightly above average student; 94UW gpa, 104W gpa; top 15% of class; didn't take the sat but predicted score is around 1380; I'm also planning on going premed; interested in biology/ public health thanksss any help is appreciated