"Experience" Attendees: Trip Reports, Please!

<p>For those of you who were able to attend the Diversity and Experience MHC events: Please tell us your impressions -- what you liked and didn't like. Also, please post any pix you may have taken!</p>

<p>Thanks from those who could not attend!</p>

<p>What event are you referring to? I was there the weekend they had the Festival of Diversity, if that's what you are talking about...</p>

<p>There were two, consecutive events: Diversity and "Experience MHC." The first merged into the second....</p>

<p>Hey Boxmaker,</p>

<p>Sorry I didn't post before. I've been really busy. </p>

<p>I thought the weekend/day (I was only at Experience MHC) was really fun. It started out with a speech from the president, and she was interesting...she used a lot of superlatives, but I think somehow that they were genuine...she was definitely VERY excited about MHC.</p>

<p>I went to panels on internships and academic advising. Both strong programs, not much new info. SOme interesting things: students often have 7 internships over 4 years (summers and januarys), every faculty member is an advisor and you can switch really easily and talk about a lot of stuff besides advising.</p>

<p>Dinner was pretty good. They served us out of wineglasses and linen napkins, which was impressive (especially when coupled with paper plates and plasticware). The students are all really friendly, kind of overworked and stressed-out but they seem happy regardless. I guess they're mostly the kind of people that like to push themselves academically, and it's interesting material so they're okay with it. After dinner there was a show with a bunch of campus groups (mainly a cappella) performing. The a capella groups were amazing. I was thinking I'd go there just to be able to listen to them;)</p>

<p>My hosts were incredibly nice and went down the hall to a room that had empty beds so we prospies didn't have to sleep on the (uncarpeted) floor. The rooms were nice. Bigger than some doubles I've seen. Breakfast was really good -- eggs, pancakes, etc made to order.</p>

<p>Then comes the part where we were supposed to visit classes and I instead went and found MHC's one journalism professor (since that is what I want to study) who recommended that I not go there for journalism. Ultimitely I took her advice and am going somewhere else but I was a tough decision. I really liked all of the students at MHC in particular. They just seemed like really cool, really nice people. Let me know if you have more specific questions. I know this is all sort of general, but I hope it helps.</p>

<p>eireann -- So sorry that you won't be attending MHC. You seem like a delightful and thoughtful young woman and I know my dd would have liked knowing you...</p>

<p>Thank you for the trip report. Just wondering if the dorms seemed overheated.... Thanks!</p>

<p>Why did the prof say not to go to MHC for journalism?</p>

<p>Well she actually said either one could have worked for different things, but with Mt. Holyoke I'd need grad school. It doesn't actually offer a journalism major, only 2 classes, taught by her, and she's leaving in 2 years. She also says there are a lot more benefits to being in a city. I'm going to Northeastern, and she probably would have recommended MHC hands down for anything else but she said you can't compete with coops at the Boston Globe. Doing a journalism major at MHC would involve many classes at Umass, and without a car that's a 45 minute bus ride.</p>

<p>Room temperature -- I was fine witht eh temperature but I get cold more easily than anybody I know. Also, the window was open, so I'm guessing it could be kind of hot otherwise...</p>

<p>My friend and I went to Experience ( we only 25 minutes away). We both had a great time. We stayed in Abbey where we were able to sleep on mattresses. The beds aren't too bad, they are regular size, which is what I have at home and their comfort level was good. As for food, well Prospies were given great food! I especially loved that they had a vegetarian dish for ppl like me. And the choc cake..omg! lol. Anyways, the talent present at MHC is amazing. At the show after dinner, a cappella groups demonstrated their stuff, the improv troupe was amusing as well as the other orginizations present. My friend now wants to try out for one of the a cappella groups! The campus is great, I've always loved it and for early spring it wasn't too shabby. I attended two classes: intro to pysch and a logics class. Both were interesting and challenging. I made my decision to attend a long time ago but every time I go back to MHC I feel so at home. My friend and I cannot wait for the fall!</p>

<p>I attended the Experience MHC Weekend knowing that I was 99.9999% likely to enroll, but I went just to make sure that the school is a good fit. It was everything I imagined and more!</p>

<p>The student body was very warm and helpful. They guided us prospies to where we needed to get to (if we looked completely lost and clueless ;) ) and all of them spoke highly of the school. Many of the prospies I met were very nice and interesting ladies, and I am in contact with a few of them :) </p>

<p>I also sat in on an intermediate French class; there were about ten students in the class. The prof was wonderful, and made the class very engaging. The
setting was not at all intimidating, and the students were more than happy to share their textbooks with us for the duration of the class. :)</p>

<p>Overall, it felt like an extremely nurturing environment with great possibilities, and I am thrilled to be attending in the fall.</p>