Experience that looks good for 6-7 yr. med school

<p>I'm a junior in high school- wondering what type of out of school medical experience you would recommend for me to do during the school year and during the summer.. what would be better: hospital work of if i take classes regarding medicine this summer..</p>

<p>I too would like to know</p>

<p>Volunteer Ambulance/Emergency Medical Technician</p>

<p>i would be able to work as an EMT even though i'm a junior and have had no professional training? what kind of things could i do with such little experience?</p>

<p>No ,silly, you have to get your certification, then volunteer. Many volunteer corps can assist you in doing this, however.</p>

<p>at my hospital you've got to be 18 and +...give em a call and find out the requirements.</p>

<p>many emt squads pay for you certification class as long as you agree to join them once you're certified. Check it out.</p>