Experience transferring from SUNY

<p>Any Cornell students that started out at a SUNY wish to share your experience with ease of transition, transfer of credit, work load comparisons, food, and overall quality of life to help out a student considering doing that? Which school are you in now and where did you come from? Why the transfer? What is your major?Different perspectives would probably help her with decisions making. Was it tough for you to come to a decision?Are you glad you did?</p>

<p>Why the focus on SUNYs as a group? As if they have something in common? The various SUNYs have different student body academic profiles. Is there something they all share in common as a group that is relevant to transferring to Cornell, that I’m not aware of?. I would have expected that the experience between different SUNYs may vary as much as between many other totally different universities. What am I missing?</p>

<p>How would work load for a student at Oneonta be translatable to a student at Stony Brook? etc.</p>

<p>If you are missing something feel free to pass on answering. No problem at all.</p>