Experience with ACT cancelling a test w/o advanced notice?

Daughter was to take text on Saturday - her dad drove her to site and, fortunately, idled in the car for a bit as the school ended up not opening for the test. The school told the assembled students they were never scheduled to administer the test and the ACT email (received 8 hours after test was to begin) claims the school cancelled on morning of test (FWIW, when I called ACT that morning to handle, the customer service rep said I was the first caller to report the test site was closed.)

I rescheduled the test for June, but then got an email later that day from ACT that said they are trying to reschedule the cancelled test within next few weeks. I was instructed that if I had rescheduled the test to a much later date, I needed to call ACT in order for daughter to remain eligible to take the cancelled test. So I called ACT this morning and the customer service rep doesn’t know how to handle. I read the email to her and she said the email must be a mistake. Argh.

Any one have this experience? The registration fee for last Saturday’s test has now been applied to her June test. My worry is that she will now be dropped from the list to retake the cancelled test that ACT hopes to reschedule within next two weeks.

Appreciate any tips on how to handle. Not feeling ACT is on it.


Ugh. They are the worst.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in contact with ACT this week due to rescheduling issues too. Best customer service actually came via Twitter, interestingly. I tagged them in a tweet with my question and they got back to me via DM and solved my issue. Much better experience than the phone customer support.

Good luck!

Hang out on the SAT forum - You’ll find they aren’t any better. The pandemic is throwing things at these organizations that they aren’t built for.

Oh interesting. Was it a question where they needed to take action?

Slightly different circumstances than yours - but my sense was that the rep DMing me on Twitter was far more capable of taking action than those I had reached via phone. Worth a try anyway…