Experience with CoS SMaRT?

Are there any Tech students or their parents out there who can tell me some more about SMaRT (http://smart.gatech.edu/)? My son is thinking of applying and their program page doesn’t have a ton of information – looking for actual experiences. Thanks in advance!

Bumping. Anyone? Even anyone else who applied…?

Maybe 3rd time’s the charm…, :))

My son decided to apply and found out this morning he was accepted for the CoS SMaRT dorm. If someone comes across this thread looking for other kids headed there in the fall… hit me up here or in private message. My son would love to talk to some others he’ll be living with. (The LLC is in Folk, I think.)

@yankeeinGA. GT parent of a freshman here. Try having your son join the GT admitted students FB page,and ask there. All the freshman dorm experiences are very good. My son lived in a regular dorm and was able to make great friends through his clubs and classes.

Thanks! He is not terribly social-media-oriented, so I sent him the link a while back but I don’t know if he’s checked it out, yet (he barely uses FB). Probably I just need to leave it alone and let him figure it out.