Experience with CPYB/Dickinson for advanced ballet dancers?

My son decided against a ballet career since he wants a liberal arts education but he still wants to dance at a high level. I’d like feedback from someone with direct experience as a Dickinson student who takes classes at CPYB.

If you find out anything please post here. My sister is in the exact same situation. @lilacsinbloom

jnkama24, crickets. But I will say the dance chair at Dickinson was lovely and took time to talk to my son and the men’s director at CPYB was responsive as well. We’ll see what happens! My son has a week or so to find out about acceptance.

@lilacsinbloom what is the EA decision date, do you know? My sister applied EA but has not spoken to anyone at CPYB or the dance Dept at Dickinson. If she receives and acceptance she will check it out. She is not majoring in dance, but wants to minor or even just take ballet classes several times a week. She’s pretty particular about the ballet training though, which she is finding to be a problem at schools that are not conservatory. FWIW, she has taken a class at Skidmore that she loved and Muhlenberg which she did not.