Experience with financial aid?

Does anyone know when we will hear about aid?

My daughter was accepted with 20k a year scholarship but that leaves the cost still around 30k.

Are they generous with financial aid? Anyone have experience?

I just got an email today about my financial aid package, and they talked about the 20k scholarship, plus whatever else they could offer me. Also a while back I got my prospectus sent in the mail which also detailed the financial aid for me. I think once you submit FAFSA they update your package

Not sure if ill attend, I was admitted in December btw :slight_smile:

I submitted FAFSA as soon as we could in early January, was the financial aid you received significant? I’m wondering how generous they are.

I emailed the financial aid office and they said they haven’t started to review the 2015-2016 FAFSA yet but will be sending out financial aid packages end of Feb/March timeframe.

Yeah i, got a good amount (basically half tuition when you factor in room and board and everything else). Granted the leftover cost would still be a good chunk. so not sure if ill go yet or not, im still waiting.

Eh, so even with the financial aid AND 20k scholarship - you’re still looking at 25k COA?

I think if you are Pell grant eligible you will get additional need based FA from the school. If not, I’d be surprised if you get a lot of additional aid after the merit aid. The NPC is pretty accurate if you used it.

@hokiepokie2121 for me unfortunately yeah, but I think part of that is because i dont really qualify for need-based aid, I just got merit scholarship plus whatever loans they offer you. dont get discouraged though, I know they take FAFSA into consideration

@hokiepokie2121, FIT may be a school that reduces your need-based award by the amount of the merit scholarship merit already offered. You can get an idea of your “maximum” financial aid package by looking at the efc calculated by FAFSA for FAFSA only schools, it should be listed in the SAR (student aid report) which you can view and print after you file the FAFSA .

If a school actually meets 100% of your financial need, your total aid may = Cost of attendance - your FAFSA EFC - Federal loan of $5500. If the school costs 50K and your FAFSA EFC is 25K or higher, your student will not likely be offered any more aid, because the merit scholarship of $20K + $5500 Fed. loan already meets 100% of need. You need to check the financial aid info on the school websites, as each school may do things differently.

Out of curiosity, to anyone posting here that they got $20k or higher in merit aid, I would interested to hear what your test scores were. My kid had good SAT (not stellar) and a very good academic record in high school and already taking 2nd semesters of university English and calculus with a 4.0 GPA and FIT is throwing us a bone with a $16k Panther fund. That doesn’t make a big dent when the total bill is close to $57k per year.

@Brokedad7 I got 28 on ACT (w/ extended time) , highest SAT was 1770 (superscore), or 1740 (single sitting) and they gave me the panther fund scholarship (19k)

@Brokedad7 I got accepted to their Mechanical Engineering school and received the Panther Scholarship, and along with all the other grants, I had a package that totaled to $35,123 in aid. My high school stats and application wasn’t so hot, but I did have some great essays and college rec letters. My ACT was a 27.

Some good news… looks like FIT is keeping tuition steady this year. They’ve done that twice now in the last three years. Most other colleges are constantly increasing tuition.

I don’t know how you are figuring that @loller The 2014-15 tuition was higher than 2013-14 by about $2000 and 2015-16 also went up about $2000. Room and board also went up.

I hope you are right, but I’m not counting on it.

When I made that post, the rates that were on the website for 2015-16 were the same as 2014-15. Looks they just changed it. Between in 2012-13 and 2013-14, they didn’t increase tuition.