<p>I have recently gotten interested in the performing arts, particularly drama and dancing. How much experience would I need to have in order to get accepted into Juilliard? I am a high school junior now, and I won't apply while in high school, but I might apply during or after college. Also, are admissions as cutthroat as many point them out to be? What can I do now to improve my chances of getting accepted?</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>To get into Juilliard, you need both obvious aptitude for the performing arts and at least several years of experience, especially for dance. I've heard the admissions rating is about 12%, which is very low considering that the applicant pool is very self-selecting.
If you're only just now discovering an interest in the performing arts now, I'd recommend that you look at other schools with drama and dance programs. Tons of colleges nowadays have good performing arts programs, many of which don't require an entrance audition.</p>

<p>What about for drama? Can you give me a list of performing arts schools, please?</p>

<p>Olive_ Tree: The overall acceptance rate for The Juilliard School is seven (7%) percent. The acceptance rate for the drama program is typically about two (2%) percent. There is a drama degree program and a certificate program for those who either already have a college degree or those who only wish to study drama but do not want a college degree. Most applicants to the drama portion of Juilliard already have a college degree, according to word of mouth-- which could be wrong. All college degree seeking students at Juilliard can take classes at Columbia University. An audition is required for Drama, including singing. Best to call Juilliard for an application. Students live in great apartments at or next to Lincoln Center (Fordham Law School is within a few hundred yards or less from Lincoln Center).</p>

<p>See what would be perfect for me is a program where I would already have a college degree and would only study drama. So, when I graduate from college in four years, would I take the certificate program which only allows me to study drama? What is everything the certificate program entails? Would I have to audition? A link would also be great if you don't feel like typing everything.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>My kid is currently at Juilliard, but in music, not drama. But my understanding is that first, the certificate program is for students who are, for some reason, unable to complete a regular degree -- Often it is because of a language problem -- obviously that would not happen in drama. </p>

<p>The Juilliard drama program chooses a class (named by number) that stays together all four years. They do not have a short program. The new class enters together and leaves together. No credit or advanced placement given. The class is made up of everything from new HS grads to late 20s (or maybe early 30s - not sure.) They purposely create a mixed group, for casting purposes, since the group is going to work only with each other for the next four years.</p>

<p>As for housing, Juilliard has a dorm (named after Meredith Wilson) right there at Lincoln Center. It houses both undergrad and grad students, in all three disciplines (music, drama, dance). After the first year, it is filled by lottery, so there are plenty of students who end up in apartments, either by choice or lot.</p>