Experiences at NYU Tisch Summer High School Program?

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<p>I’ve been accepted into the NYU Tisch Summer High School Program for Film…I was surprised I got in! I still feel like I don’t know a lot about it yet, so can anyone share their experiences as a High School student spending the summer at a college (even if it was another program at another school). Thank you!</p>

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<p>My D was at Tisch last summer in New Studio MT. It was phenomenal. 1st of all, it confirmed that the BFA path is something she wants for a college experience- and that’s really valuable. She loved the city, she LOVED the shows- especially the “talk backs” with performers, and it wasn’t a random chorus person. (as it was say on the choir trip she had did over spring break where they got to “workshop” with someone from Matilda- a swing) After Kinky Boots it was Billy Porter, after Trip to Bountiful it was Vanessa Williams, and on and on. They saw big hits- and some strange offbeat stuff as well (there was one about a Chicken that I still don’t understand) As a parent, I liked that the faculty were actually NYU faculty- when she went for her audition this winter she knew/had worked with 3 of the 5 people on the audition panel. </p>

<p>Her roommate was a film kid (they mix up the various disciplines, which was fun) and she was out and about around the city all day- doing really hands on projects. Film people worked in groups of three and by the end of the month, each student had created a film, as well as worked on two others. We went to the screening to see the roommate’s film- Seemed super fun</p>

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<p>@toowonderful‌ I am going to New Studio this summer. Has your daughter heard from NYU yet? Do you think that the program has helped her college admission process for MT? </p>

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<p>She was accepted - and I think will be going, just waiting on studio placement for final info. I would ABSOLUTELY say that it helped her admissions process. A significant number of the summer kids were accepted to NYU- b/c you have worked with faculty for 4 weeks, not 4 minutes- they “know” you. As I said earlier- it also helped solidify her desire for a BFA program, and let her see what the bigger pools of talented kids look like- she came home recognizing she would have to make a plan, not just “apply” to schools. As a parent, it also helped me- I don’t know if I would be as comfortable with the idea of college in NYC if I hadn’t seen her be successful there for the summer.</p>

<p>Any other questions- feel free to ask!</p>

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<p>My son was in the film program last summer and loved it! Made lots of friends, stayed up late working on films every night, every weekend. It’s a very intense program, with excellent faculty and staff to support and guide you. You’ll learn so much working on several films! There is very little down time and you may not be able to take advantage of the social activities available for students of other summer programs, just because you’ll be working so hard. But everyone in the film program is in the same boat and they all have a blast. At the end of the program, you will have a film you can use for your college application to Tisch. Son was admitted into Tisch Film for Class of 2018 (regular decision). If you have specific questions, I’ll try to get answers for you.</p>

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Hi @garlix‌ I know this is really late but I applied for the film program for this summer and I just received the notification email today. I have been waitlisted. I really wanted to do this program and I’m really passionate about film. I’m hoping to get off the waitlist and accepted by mid/late March. However, the email said that waitlisted students will not have a chance to receive scholarships. I’m just wondering if you could tell me more about the program, what your son did, if he knew any students who were on the waitlist. Is it worth the $10k? Because even if I do get in, I don’t know if I would be able to afford it. Do you think that if I do, and I email their special programs office, they would take my economic situation into consideration and possibly offer me a scholarship?

Hello, my d. is applying to NYU’s program for MT for this summer, 2021. She is only a high school sophomore. She has excelled here locally in our mid-size city in community musical theater and high school choir and theater. She is on A honor roll. She is down on herself lately that her dance skills are not what they once were. While she takes dance classes three times a week, she has lost motivation to do extra workouts at home to get her flexibility back. She is not in the same shape she was since quarantine started. She is in her 9th year taking dance but only did competitive dance at age 11. Does the dance portion of the NYU MT summer program require advanced or high intermediate level skills? Just hoping she won’t be too over her head.

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My daughter just accepted her admission offer to the nyu summer Mt program! It’s virtual but she is looking forward to this amazing opportunity! If there are any parents whose kid is attending here, I would love to talk and keep in touch through the process. We live in South Texas, FYI


Congratulations to her!

Thanks :blush: so much

My daughter will be in the summer high school MT 2022 program at New Studio NYU. Would love to hear about others who will be there this summer. She has already been chatting with her Suitemates and she is so excited!

Hello, I am a rising senior who will be in that same program!

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That’s great! You can find my K @katmuzic on instagram. Her suitemates have a whole chat going. 3 of them will be at New Studio and one in recording music.

Great! I just sent her a message!