Experiences at the University of Albany

Hey guys :slight_smile: was recently accepted to the University at Albany and I have a few questions. I was directly admitted to the school of business, and have interest in the Financial Analyst Honors Program. If anyone was/is currently in that program, can you share your experience? Additionally, I was also accepted into the Honors College. If anyone was/is in the Honors College, can they share their experiences as well. I’m not sure how beneficial it would be considering my major. Lastly, if anyone would like to share anything else about the University at Albany in general, I would really appreciate it. I’m having a really tough time deciding where to go, and I desperately need some help.

So unfortunately, I cannot comment on the financial analyst program/honors colleges, because I was not a part of either of those. However, I received my BS in accounting from UA, and now I am working on my MS in accounting at UA as well.
First off, congratulations! Getting into UA’s business school - especially the honors college - is a fantastic achievement. UA’s business school is honestly amazing. Every professor that I’ve had in the business school is INCREDIBLY intelligent. I have learned so much from my professors, so you are in good hands. Academics wise, the business school is awesome.
There are different organizations that you can join (highly recommend Delta Sigma Pi - the business fraternity) that host events where recruiters from many different firms come to meet students. These often lead to internships and they are great networking opportunities. There are also career fairs that bring in many recruiters from different firms.
The standards of the business school are high - classes are NOT easy, but you don’t want them to be. You want to ensure that your education is top notch, and UA provides that.
We are dual accredited in both business in accounting, which is a rare occurrence (I think like 15% of business schools in the country have dual-accreditation).

Honestly, I can go on and on about how great the business school is and UA as a whole, but I will leave it at this: if you choose to go to UAlbany, you will not be disappointed. There is something here for literally everyone, and in regards to the business school, UA is fantastic.

What are your other choices btw?

Thank you so much for responding!! I’m deciding between Baruch and UAlbany


In terms of rankings, Zicklin “is better than” Massry (the business schools at Baruch/UAlb). The IMPORTANT thing to realize is that it truly matters what you do while you’re in college; get a good GPA, do internships, have extracurriculars, work hard and it will pay off. Baruch or UAlb will provide you with a great education, but it matters what you do with it.

Also, I feel that UAlbany will give you more of the “college life” feel. I believe Baruch is heavily commuter, whereas most students live at UAlbany. I feel like there’s more of a social life here than Baruch, but that is all assumption as I’ve never visited Baruch before.

Plus Albany is a cute city. Not too big, not too small. A bunch of stuff for students to do. The bus system is perfect and really helps you navigate the city