experimental for DEC sat

<p>Which one was it.</p>

<p>mine was a math but i don't know which one.</p>

<p>first one was math
then second section was math with grid in
third was reading</p>

<p>then sometimes after i got ANOTHER grid in...</p>

<p>i fugged up on the first grid in section....i WISH that was the experimental because i didn't answer 5....yea...on the second grid in section i had the one where the boxese were stacked up...i heard some ppl say that they had that one.... so i'm guessing the first one was experimental..</p>


<p>help please?</p>

<p>Check your collebooard account thing. It'll have a link...</p>

<p>usually...actually from statistics around CC, the 1st section of the similar structure in either math reading or writing is the experimental</p>