experimental section of SAT

<p>What is it and how does it work? Is that an extra section that won't count? What's the point of it?</p>

<p>it doesnt count or do anything.... it's just in there to test future questions.</p>

<p>I wonder why the sat has an experimental section, but the act doesn't.</p>

<p>cause the SAT is stupid.</p>

<p>i was lucky and didnt do any of the exceptional part. just sat there for 25 minutes.</p>

<p>to amnesia: but then how do you know which section is experimental?</p>

<p>cause in the fold out page of the october SAT, section 3 appeared in the quant area w/ no gridding in. right there i knew it was experimental.</p>

<p>wha? i took the october one, but what was section 3? and what did you get?</p>