Experimental Sections SAT DEC 2008

<p>Okay, so to avoid all the confusion, please list your passages/sections or what you believe are the experimental sections.</p>

<p>the one that has a woman who keeps a journal and recalls an instance where a waitress was talking to an older woman is experimental.</p>

<p>The Iranian one.</p>

<p>Was navigation(longitude) experimental? I hated that whole CR section....with that first fascination temple question....extrapolate, interest.....obsession</p>

<p>Yea i hated the navigation one. I didnt get the point of it.</p>

<p>i think it's the navigation(longitude), and i took the risk to keep it blank...OMG!!! I really hope it is the experimental section...</p>

<p>im pretty sure navigation wasn't experimental.
jasmingking- if u had the iranian section, then that was your experimental.
i had navigation but didnt have iranian</p>

<p>did anyone get the writing section that the first identifying error is the jackie chan one?</p>

<p>nah navigation isnt experimental i only had 3 CR and had navigation</p>

<p>i don't have iranian one neither... don't scare me...</p>

<p>no there were TWO completey diff tests</p>

<p>i never got iranina one either</p>

<p>i got nature and korean/navigation/privacy</p>

<p>as my 3 only 3 so no experimental</p>

<p>^ did you get gardening?</p>

<p>definitely the notebook/lady writing in her journal one. the diner scene. yeah.</p>

<p>Uh...did anyone have a math experimental?</p>

<p>Navigation was, unfortunately, not experimental. I believe the "Iranian" one that everyone is talking about was experimental.</p>

<p>ok, what i get are:
the korean mother's hand.

<p>Someone please tell me that the writing section with jackie chan singing the songs as the first identifying error is experimental</p>

<p>and i remember that my section 3 and section 4 are both CR
section 4 was really awful, which i think is the navigation one and a short pair passage with 5 questions.
i think it must be an experimental one between those two</p>

<p>i had a math experimental section: was section 3 with the 7 cylinders stacked an experimental math?</p>

<p>which math section (2 or 3) was the one where you were supposed to find the median of 4 through 33 inclusive?</p>