Experimental Sections SAT DEC 2008

<p>I got the same test as jasmingking1990 with the exception of section 6. My section 6 was math. So I think that's the experimental section</p>

<p>I didn't get the girl's journal or the iranian section.
yeah okay. i really hope the experimental one is cr... coz i did horribly on section 3 and 8.
i remember my writing sections were section 10 and.. 7?
and my math sections were 2,..5?, 9
yeah so 3 section of math and 3 sections of wr (+essy) and 4 sections of cr.</p>

<p>omg did anyoneelse think that test was insanely harder than october's or just the blue book in general?</p>

<p>^ so you don't have the autography stuff, right?</p>

korean mother's hand
the autobiography thing
privacy and technology</p>

<p>are exactly what i got


<p>Your section 6 was experimental because I had the other three passages but my experimental section was writing. Your test is in the same order as mine which would mean that my section 6 writing was experimental. Too bad I can't remember the questions it had.</p>

<p>so zorrox the one about that Emily author lady was experimental, because I had a very tough time with that. Also there was a question and it was like a math question, I II III, which ones are true? I have never seen one of those for CR, so I am hoping this section was experimental</p>

<p>I don't think it could be experimental, cause I only had 3 maths, but I think it may have been section 8? The last questions was with the half circle and triangle trying to find length of horizontal line. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I left two blank/16 ) :</p>

<p>For those who had experimental writing, section 4 was experimental.</p>

<p>i got experiemental writing, but i think mine was section 5, cuz no one seems to got the jackie chan question, but quite some got the fraternal twin one</p>

<p>I didn't get the jackie chan question, i got the fraternal twin one.</p>

<p>so which math section was experimental for those of us who had 2,3,5,8 for math.</p>

<p>Thank you Jesus, Allah, and whoever else there is. The jackie chan section screwed me over, i got like 4 C's in a row.</p>

<p>i had math experimental- 4 math, 3 writing, 3 reading sections + essay. i think the one with the red cubes (cutting them into smaller pieces)was experimental. was it?</p>

<p>No, i got 3 maths, and i had that question. and there are only 10 sections together, how did you get 11 of them? (4 math, 3 writing, 3 reading, 1 essay)</p>

<p>2 writing sections 1 essay.</p>

<p>Which math was experimental - the one with the angles 1,2,3,4 or the one with the two circle and a triangle and you have to find the length of the line???</p>

<p>section 6 was my experimental math.
Don't remember what questions were on that section though.</p>

<p>Though, I don't remember those questions, so probably we had different tests</p>

<p>please tell me the gardening one was experimental</p>

<p>not sure but im hoping its the angle one</p>

<p>^^sorry, hopefulCEO. it wasn't</p>

<p>was the math experimental the section with seven stacked cylinders?</p>