Experimental "What are my chances?"

<p>I am currently a sophomore and I would like to know what my chances would be at:</p>

<p>UC Berkeley
Cal Tech
UC Davis</p>

<p>Although I know I do not have enough grades to get a real assessment, I would like to see what my chances would be if the following occurs/occured:</p>

<p>Freshman Year (done with straight A's):</p>

Geometry Honors
Automotive Technology
English I
World Geography/Health
Contemporary Media I (if you don't know, this is a UC certified art class using Photoshop)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year (done with straight A's):</p>

<p>World History
English II
Algebra II Honors
Computer Science AP (project AP score: 4 or 5)
Spanish I
Contemporary Media II</p>

<p>Junior Year (starting in September):
(These are my projected/experimental grades)
(All A's)</p>

<p>US History
Chemistry AP (projected AP score- 4/5)
Statistics AP (projected AP score- 4/5)
Math Analysis Honors
English III
Spanish II
Game Programming (ROP, Regional Occupation Program, class)</p>

<p>Senior Year:
(again, projected/experimental)
(All A's)</p>

<p>Government/Economics AP (each half-year course) (projected AP score- 4)
English IV
Physics AP (projected AP score - 4/5)
Calculus BC AP (projected AP score - 4/5)
Spanish IV Honors (taking Spanish III in summer school of junior-senior transition)
Psychology (no AP, but going to take AP exam and get a 3/4)</p>

<p>I am also going to take college courses at Moorpark during high school.</p>

<p>Projected/Experimental Test Scores:</p>

<p>SAT I: 2150+
SAT II: Math II- 750+, Chemistry- 720+, Physics- 720+
ACT: 33+</p>


<p>Nationally ranked chess player in the top 60 in the U.S. for my age
Four years varsity tennis player, private lessons and USTA ranked
Community Service: 200+ hours</p>

<p>Extra Stuff:
I am white.
Russian heritage.
Trilingual (by end of high school in Russian, English, and Spanish)</p>

<p>So based off of these experimental/projected statistics by the end of high school, what do you think my chances would be at ALL of the listed schools? I know that this is a new type of thing to try out with experimental/projected high school statistics, but I would really like to know what my chances would be with these stats.</p>


I would like to see what my chances would be if the following occurs/occured


totally useless since you havent done any of this yet, but in at all with MIT and CalTech being reaches</p>

<p>Thanks for reply!! I would like to remind anyone reading or replying to this that this is totally experimental!!</p>

<p>Yes, we can't really "chance" you without seeing actual scores or stats, but even with your projected results, MIT and Caltech look like high reaches. </p>

<p>I found the chess thing to be cool though, make sure to mention it :)</p>

<p>Just so you know, these kinds of posts aren't looked on very favorably by the higher-ups around here (not that I am one, of course). I would concur with hahahahah (great username, btw).</p>

<p>From what I see, your extracurriculars are still lacking ( even with chess and all)</p>

<p>Agree. Caltech and MIT are incredibly difficult to get into if you don't have great science ECs and awards (i.e. olympiads, intel, siemens, science bowl etc). As of now, i think the schools that are most suitable are UCSD and UCLA. Good luck!</p>