Explain a poor grade trend?

<p>So I was just thinking after looking at the Common App and how it allows for you to write additional information, would it be in my best interest to explain the following? </p>

<p>I attended a very noncompetitive charter high school my freshman year, then went to a large public IB high school for the first semester of my sophomore year that was an hour and a half away. After enduring an extreme amount of bullying at said school I returned to my old charter high school where I have remained and will remain throughout the rest of my high school career. </p>

<p>I actually was harassed by said bully for months after leaving the school, had to block her from my Facebook, my close friends facebooks -whom the bully tried contacting me through- my cell phone, my boyfriends cell phone and my mothers cell phone because she was so resilient. She threatened multiple times to beat me up or get "gang members" to get me. It was all very intense and it really hurt my academic performance because I was constantly miserable. </p>

<p>I never filed a report or anything of the sort against them because I was scared and now I realize that without proof it may seem rather outlandish. </p>

<p>My freshman year I do not know the exact GPA but I received almost all A's with possibly one or two B's.</p>

<p>The first semester of sophomore year was a completely different story and my semester grades came out to be almost all B's (which i now credit for my unweighted 3.8 GPA instead of the solid 3.9+ i would have had)</p>

<p>Since then my grades have gone up drastically.</p>

<p>I received much better grades the second semester and a 4.0 Junior year, along with a 4.0 in around 10 college classes.</p>

<p>And as cheesy as it may sound I am kind of glad I had the experience because I doubt I would have been so dead set on improving my academic record had the situation not transpired the way it did. </p>

<p>So would it be in my best interest to share this or would it likely not be helpful?</p>


<p>Write your essay about it.</p>

<p>Side note: Being on Facebook too much will also contribute to a decline in your grades :o</p>

<p>I empathize with you on that horrible experience . Bullying is a serious issue. </p>

<p>I wouldn't worry too much about your GPA . A 3.9 to 3.8 decrease is nothing to concern yourself too much about. </p>

<p>However if it really does trouble you, then I suggest like the above poster did, to discuss it in your supplemental essay in your common app . </p>

<p>You seem to be a smart, capable student and dont let a bully get you down. </p>

<p>Apply to wherever you like...your stats are good ;-)</p>

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<p>I never even considered such an obvious idea! Thank you both!
And I plan to apply to a good number of places >:D</p>