Explain my 680V

<p>I just received a 680 on the verbal, it really shocked me. After coming home and checking with the board (many many discussions, over 400+ post threads), i only confirmed 5 wrongs. i was really expecting at least a 720 since i didnt skip any.</p>

<p>How many wrongs do you need to get to receive 680?
What are the chances of them finding something via hand scoring? Would you guys recommend it?</p>

<p>thanks alot</p>

<p>like 10-11 wrong.. chances of finding smthing via hand scoring is low... and it costs mula</p>

<p>Yeh Musicbuster is right. Plus perhaps the extra wrong came from the critical reading(Woodsworth was a horrible passage).</p>

<p>thats really sad. i feel like im stuck in the middle of nowhere. The 5 wrong was with the woodrow passage included.</p>

<p>for my previous 2 sat admins, i had gotten 4 cr wrong on each test. so its not like cr is my weakpoint. Damn. im torn.</p>

<p>thanks alot guys.</p>

<p>I don't know, hand scoring costs a lot; did you leave any blank ? or maybe you bubbled in wrong?</p>

<p>680 is not bad, trust me, and you can retake if you plan to?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, and instead of handscoring, maybe order question and answer service if it's available and if you want to see what sections you got wrong, that's cheaper than handscoring i think and you see it for yourself</p>