Explorations Floors - dilemma!

<p>A few months ago, I met another NYU '15er on Facebook through the roommate thread. We chatted for a few times on Skype and Facebook and even had breakfast together the morning of the admitted students' weekend. We clicked and decided we'd make a good match to live together next year. </p>

<p>When we filled out the housing application, we both agreed that some of the Explorations Floors sounded interesting, but decided to look into them later. Last week, I received a brochure from NYU detailing the floors, and I fell in love with the idea of the Media Explorations floor. I'm planning on studying journalism, so the prospect of creating a project through journalism or another medium reflecting my first year as a New Yorker is really appealing to me. The catch? BOTH roommates must be participants in the program - not just one.</p>

<p>Here's the dilemma: I brought up the idea to my potential roommate, who (very politely) declined and said she wasn't interested in the program. Does anyone have enough experience with Explorations Floors to tell me if they're really worth giving up a potentially good roommate match? </p>

<p>Any advice or guidance? I don't want to dump my roommate so close to the deadline if the program won't be fantastic, but I also don't want to miss out on the program if it's going to be a really valuable, enjoyable experience. I'm really lost on what to do here!</p>

<p>My understanding is that the Explorations floors are generally more loosely structured, so that people from outside the floor can participate in the Exploration activities. Why not keep the roommate and apply to the Media Explorations dorm as a first choice and hope you get into the dorm. Then it will be easy to join in the activities.</p>

<p>As I recall, S had a similar problem, so he opted out of choosing an Explorations floor to keep his roommate. They decided they would participate in activities and events as they come up. S was told that some (not all?) Explorations floors are very flexible and welcome "outsiders" to participate. So maybe the thing is to find out out how flexible the Media Exploration floor is and then to sign up for the same dorm and other dorms close to the Media Exploration dorm. Then it will be easy for you to stroll over and participate, if it is an option.</p>