Exploratory student in Computer Science

I was offered RD instate admission in exploratory track in computer science and also in Common wealth honors program. Reviewing the website, it requires you to take Math 131 and CompSci 121 which Is odd since I already have AP credit for both and also Math 132 . I know quite a few students who have not taken the AP exam for AP AB / BC, but were offered direct EA admission into Comp Science. So my question is, what courses do I still have to take to apply for admission into CS and what are chances of me getting accepted. Regarding the Commonwealth honors, what advising does the school offer for students in CS / Engg. Does a CS / Engg students have to take additional humanities courses as a commonwealth honor student? Sorry, asking a lot of questions. I have tried filling their form, called and left messages, but have not heard back. I need to decide by May 01, have other options, but considering UMass Amherst for in state tuition. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you look at the Exploratory Track FAQ carefully, you will find that you can only apply for CS Major when you’re taking CMPSCI 187 and MATH 131. This means that they will make a decision after you have completed both classes. A direct admitted CS student can theoretically get in with no CS/Math background and start with CMPSCI 121 and MATH 131 but you must show that you can do well in CMPSCI 121, CMPSCI 187 and MATH 131 before they make a decision on you.
Although sources said you’ll usually get in if you get a B or better in CMPSCI 187 and MATH 131, but nothing is guaranteed.

After reading the FAQ again (see here: https://www.cics.umass.edu/ugrad-education/major-change-cs ), I realized that a student in the CS Exploratory Track is really just an undecided student with declared interest in CS. Anyone in the college can get admitted to CS major via the same process as the ‘CS Exploratory Track’ student. You can get into as a general studies major, take the same predictive classes and apply to CS Major just like the ‘CS Exploratory Track’ student.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have only 2 chances to apply to the major and you must get accepted by end of the 4th semester in the university.

Thank you! I will be applying my AP credits to CMPSCI 121 and MATH 131. So it would mean that I will be starting with CMPSCI 187, which every incoming CS student would be taking. Therefore I do not understand the Exploratory track. Most likely it could be related to applying regular decision, as opposed to Early action.

Well, I don’t understand the purpose of the ‘exploratory track’ at all. It sounds a little ridiculous. But the admission process from the ‘exploratory track’ is actually quite reasonable. CMPSCI 187 and MATH 131 are very fundamental classes in the CS major, if you don’t do well, there is no point of continuing even if you’re a direct CS admit. The fact that they give candidates 2 chances really seems be in good faith.