Explore Bowdoin 2016

<p>Continuing from the 2015 thread… I’m nervous about being able to get a transcript in time because I know my counselor is out of the office right now. How flexible do you think they’ll be about it?</p>

<p>Also, any idea as to how competitive this is? I really want to do it because I’m between Bowdoin and Williams for ED.</p>

<p>My S is thinking about applying for this. Does anyone know if it just for low-income or URM’s? It doesn’t say that anywhere. We are low income but not URM status.</p>

<p>The website says “high-achieving students from diverse backgrounds”, so that may be a factor but I don’t think it’s a requirement like it was for the Williams program.</p>

<p>wtcgshep, sounds like they’ll email you confirming your application once you apply, with an attachment for your counselor to fill out.</p>

<p>Has anyone else been accepted to the program? I got my email today.</p>

<p>ibfailure, did you submit your application early? I haven’t received a rejection or a acceptance yet so now I’m getting really nervous… I submitted my application a couple of days before the deadline for the september program so I don’t know if that would be a factor for a delay notification… has anyone else gotten rejected or accepted yet?</p>

<p>I’m with you Ryan, though I sent mine in a week or two before deadline, I still have no response. Maybe we were deferred to October? It’s probably still too early to tell I guess.</p>

<p>Yeah… I was reading the previous explore bowdoin 2015 thread, and some people received notifications of their acceptances later than others and some one even received a rejection email a week later than even one else… I hope they end this brutal wait soon because its killing me haha. But what I presume is that unless you found out today, well find out after monday because its labor day weekend. But the event is literally less than 3 weeks away so they should at least contact us soon…</p>

<p>ryantoe, I sent my application about a week prior to the deadline. My transcripts were sent without a cover letter (I didn’t even see them!) a week prior too, but I was still accepted. I hope you receive your notification soon! I’m really excited!</p>

<p>I got my rejection today.</p>

<p>Congratz ibfailure! and im so sorry to hear angeBunny, you’re probably an amazing student who’s heading to big things and big universities in life! Don’t let this get you down, cause there’s so many more opportunities out there! :slight_smile: </p>

<p>As for me…
I haven’t received any notification which is driving me literally insane… I emailed Mrs. Folger today so hopefully I’ll hear back soon… :confused: if I get in YAY but if I don’t life moves on, and I can’t dwell because its senior year and I gotta make the most out of it! :D</p>

<p>Anyone else excited for this week? :)</p>

<p>They didn’t send me an email even after I emailed them about the status of my application. However, a week ago I called and they forwarded me a rejection letter the next day. Kinda bummed, but all is good. I hope you have an amazing time ibfailure! tell me how it goes! :)</p>

<p>hey i sent in all of my info for the november session september 9th but i havent heard anything from bowdoin yet. Did anyone else get a confirmation email for the november session?</p>

<p>Looking back through last year’s thread, it looks like Explore Bowdoin acceptance/rejections for the November session didn’t start going out till after the first week of October.</p>

<p>Anybody hear anything about the November 2012 option yet? It might still be too early.</p>

<p>Kind of old news but I was rejected too. I get the sense there may be a diversity leaning, such as the Williams WoW trip. Oh well, doesn’t change my decision to apply in January.</p>

<p>Just curious ibfailure, what did you think?</p>

<p>I applied to the November program a week before the deadline and hope to get my rejection/acceptance letter by Monday. I guess that’s when they came out last year. Has anyone been notified about the November program yet? I am also curious about about how the early date program went.
What do you do while visiting? Did it make you want to attend Bowdoin next year?
I really hope I get to go.</p>

<p>I second the above post. Has anyone received a decision about the November program yet??</p>