Explore Bowdoin 2020

I haven’t seen a thread for Bowdoin’s fly-in for 2020, so I thought I’d make one. Did anyone else get into Session 1? I did! I was wondering if it was less competitive this year since it’s online? I heard that normally those accepted to Explore Bowdoin have a 70% chance of getting into Bowdoin, but that may not be true if this year it was less competitive ):

Hey! I will also be attending Explore Bowdoin 1 for 2020. You’ve probably seen the email that Bowdoin sent out earlier today for attendees, but it looks like slightly more people got in than usual as over 70 students were accepted for this session alone. (I read on a Bowdoin Orient article that 50 students attended in a previous year, for context.)

Like you, I’m not sure what this means, but honestly I would take this as a good thing because it seems like the college is committed to emphaszing its diversity and inclusion by reaching out to a wider range of students. Additionally, you should take into account that maybe in a typical year less accepted students would attend since you would have to fly out and leave home and miss school for a few days.

Regardless, I’m excited to meet you!

Regarding my second point, I realized now that makes no sense lol. But I would still not worry too much about the virtual acceptance rate compared to the usual year as much as you think. They saw us as high achieving low-income students, so we should definitely have some strong points in the admissions process :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your response! Do you know whether it’s 50 students for both sessions or or 50 students per session? Because if it’s 50 students overall, and since there’s 70 people for session 1, then that is waaaaaaay less competitive lol. And I agree that we shouldn’t worry, but personally, I’m trying to figure out which school I have the best chance of being accepted into. I want to ED wherever is most likely to accept me because I honestly just want this whole process to be done. I do like that they accepted more students this year because it speaks to Bowdoin’s commitment to inclusion, but I also wish things were clearer. In any case, I am so looking forward to the fly in! You seem like such a cool person and I can’t wait to meet you and other people that are also awesome.

It looks like they’ve had two sessions for a long time now, so I believe that article was writing about one of the sessions!