Explore Bowdoin for class of 2021

Hello, I got accepted to Bowdoin’s fly in program in 2016 from September 15th-18th!

I was wondering how this will affect admission. What percentage of explore Bowdoin participants get accepted? How selective is this program?

Also I was wondering what I should expect and what I should bring. Will I have anytime to do my homework?

And just another thing, after I sent my confirmation email they never emailed back so I got worried. I called them and they verified they have my confirmation and info but the lack of emails since my notification has worried me. (8/26)

Anyone who has gone want to chime in? And who else is going?

Hi. I got accepted too. I was worried too when I didn’t hear from them, so I emailed them and they sent me an update on the 1st saying that they received all of my release forms and that they are booking the tickets for travel. I’m pretty sure that the students that get accepted to the fly-in have a higher acceptance rate than the overall rate during admissions. That’s what I heard anyway.

@whyareyouhere congrats! What are you doing for the off-campus field trip, I don’t know which to pick!

Probably the hike? I’m not absolutely sure yet though

What are you leaning towards?

@whyareyouhere I might do the common good day thing because it sounds like something a bit more specific to Bowdoin to experience. I love the idea of a campus-wide volunteer day and would love to see it play out. I am also interested in the coastal studies since I may be interested in some of the research opportunities there, but I am not a bio/environmental science major so I probably won’t do that one. And I love hiking! I live in the pacific northwest where we have great hiking and it could be nice seeing the hiking available in Maine.

I think that I’m gonna go with the hiking cuz I live in suburban New York where there aren’t many opportunities to do outdoorsy things like that. Although the common good day does sound pretty interesting. The coastal studies I probably won’t do for the same reason as you- I’m gonna be a math major so its probably not practical…

Hi! I’m also attending Explore Bowdoin next week! I’m so excited!!! I just signed up for the common good day. Does anyone have any stats on how Explore Bowoin helps with admissions?

@BeaconInferno @Appleluv @whyareyouhere
I applied for the next Bowdoin Explore, and my decision should come next week.
Can you guys give me your stats so I can see if I have a chance, or let me know if I have a chance with my stats?
My stats:

Class Ranking: 1 out of 58
Unweighted GPA: 4.000
Weighted GPA: 5.2889
New SAT: 1410
ACT: 31

Decisions are out!!!

I was accepted!! I’m really excited to visit campus soon!
Class Rank: 7 out of 275
Unweighted GPA: 3.945
SAT: 1280
ACT: 27