Explore Eckerd Weekend

Hello, everyone!

To the students who have been admitted to Eckerd College, are you thinking of going to the “Explore Eckerd Weekend” that will be placed later on this year?
Furthermore, for the people who have already attended one of these weekend meetings, do you think that it is worth going to?

Thank you in advance!

It’s been two years since we went to one, but yes, we did consider it worthwhile. My son is a sophomore there now - very happy with his choice.

We will be taking our daughter to the March Explore Eckerd weekend event. Due to our distance from the college, she has yet to see it and I don’t feel you can know if a college is truly right for you if you have never been to the campus.

It is a nice campus to visit in the winter! (Esp for those of us who live in northern states.) We love to stay in nearby St Pete Beach and enjoy a walk on the beach too.

We are planning a trip to Florida during my daughter’s high school’s spring break, because there are two colleges we want to see – Eckerd and Rollins. And also Disneyworld . . . :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it is also Eckerd’s spring break. But will visit the campus anyway.

Their spring break is late this year. Regardless, hope you have a great trip! We expect to be down there in a couple of weeks - flying my middle son down to enjoy his spring break in the south instead of the cold, snowy north! Busch Gardens and the beach will be on our agenda as well as seeing youngest.

We are heading down with my daughter this weekend. Trying to re-visit all her top choices now that she’s gotten in.

@Quinranda Hope you have a good time!