Expository Writing 101

<p>I'm an incoming engineer who will be placed in Expos. Do you know if engineers are placed in the same classroom as other majors (such as English or Psych)? If so, what campus is the class usually in?</p>

<p>Also, could you give me some basic description that give me an overview of the course? What is it like and what makes it hard or easy?</p>

<p>Expos classes are on every campus, but probably most are on College Ave.</p>

<p>Your class will probably be a mix of students. </p>

<p>Here is a video that pretty much describes it The</a> Expos Five on Vimeo</p>

<p>If you do the reading, prepare your assignments on time, as directed, and make revisions as noted, you will do well. It's annoying but doable.</p>

<p>do not wait until the last minute. repeat. do not wait until the last minute. repeat...</p>

<p>Yes it's completely mixed, especially if you take it on a campus other than Busch. If any of your elective courses are full of engineering majors, then it's just by coincidence :)</p>

<p>As rualum said, do everything on time! If you procrastinate in this course, you won't do well and your professor may be able to tell that you aren't doing your best. The professors base your grade off of how much progress you've made throughout the course, so just do your best. Even with a hectic engineering schedule, put in as much time as you can. It was a GPA booster for me.</p>

<p>Thank you rualum and drexeler. Though I consider myself a decent writer -not good and not bad- I've had some comments in the past on my argument analysis essays that I need to "express my voice" and "prove my point." Even though I believed that I clearly had voice and explained how the quote I cited was tied to my thesis, my teacher kept giving me such feedback.</p>

<p>Now, I'm aware that argument analysis is a big part of Expos, so I'm a bit on the worried side. Some Expos alums say that the professors weren't really helpful during extra help sessions since he/she has to read so many essays on the same topic. If such problem occurs, how can I resolve it?</p>

<p>The most important thing is to listen to what the teacher is looking for. I realize that some of them may be better than others in describing that, but it's the best advice I can give you. You can't go by someone else's experience with a different teacher.</p>

<p>Your first assignments (1st 2) will be graded harshly, but that's good because it gives you room for improvement. The professor will give you an assignment for your readings; answer the question you are given. Don't go off on tangents or go on a rant. Use proper grammar and check your spelling.</p>

<p>Try to pick appropriate quotations; your teacher will probably steer you in the right direction so listen during class. Write the full number of pages you are assigned to write. If you can't think of something to say, add some detail to what you have already written ("...in other words...")</p>

<p>There is more or less a formula for what they want you to write, but each teacher may emphasize something different. For ex. topic sentence, introduce quote, explain quote/close reading, commentary, transition sentence to next quote, repeat.</p>

<p>The last 3 papers are the ones they count so really spend time on these.</p>

<p>You most definitely can get an A in this class if you listen and work. So many people around you will try to take shortcuts that a good/complete work that follows guidelines will stand out.</p>

<p>ps it seems like the Expos teachers like revisions. Don't be afraid to change your rough draft a lot. Your final draft of each paper is what is graded.</p>

<p>Actually, never mind. I just got my AP scores back, and I got a 5 on AP Language. Does that still give me credit for Expos or did it have to be AP Literature?</p>

<p>Congrats! I'm pretty sure that exempts you from taking expos :)</p>

<p>Depends on your school & major. D1 entering SEBS Honors, got 4 on Lit, but has been told she still needs to take Honors Expos no matter what her score was. (She does get credits, however)</p>

<p>Do you recommend that I should be exempt from Expos? I heard it's one and the only class that you don't wanna take at Rutgers.</p>

<p>It wasn't as bad as people claim, but since you got the AP credit, you might as well not waste your time taking it. Just make sure your scores are being sent to Rutgers.</p>

<p>Won't grad schools fret at my not taking any English class in college then? As far as I'm concerned, Expos is the only English course during your entire engineer curriculum. Don't Med schools like to see students with some English background?</p>

<p>I'm not really sure since I'm not pre-med, but I know pre-med people who AP-ed out of general bio, so it should be okay for writing.</p>

<p>Thank you drexeler.</p>