<p>hey guys i know there have been countless number of threads/debates on "preppy", "trendy", etc styles of clothing, but i noticed that EXPRESS men is very rarely mentioned.</p>

<p>it seems to me that when the preppy vs. trendy debate starts, it quickly turns into a RL/lacoste/brooksbrothers/jcrew(?) vs. AE, AF, aero.</p>

<p>but in your opinion, where does EXPRESS stand?</p>

<p>i know it's not nearly upscale enough to be considered truly preppy but yet not mainstream enough in high school to be considered trendy. is EXPRESS a brand that's just more accepted in college? or can it be a suitable brand for those in high school who want to dress classy and not follow the trends.</p>

<p>personally, i love the store. i think their cotton tees are VERY high quality and their selection of dress shirts is my favorite. the logo i think is also pretty cool and separates me from the moose/eagle/seagull crowd. my only complaint would be their lack of shorts & washed/casual shirts in the catalogue.</p>

<p>so... i wanna hear what you think.</p>

<p>express men seems, i don't know how to say i do NOT mean that as an insult. i'm just saying, all the guys i know who shop there are gay, and that's cool, and they dress well. the straight guys i know say that the clothes aren't really their style, and they call it gay in the factual, not derogatory, sense.
again, not trying to insult anyone. just saying what i've heard.</p>

<p>that mostly refers to people who build their entire wardrobes from express men clothes. a random dress shirt or something is fine--no one dislikes quality clothing!</p>

<p>I ADORE Express Men. Their collared shirts are basically the only ones under $100 that fit me correctly. And, there's no pockets and no flaunty logo. And they're the perfect length - you can wear them tucked in and it's not uncomfortable (We have dress code), or fitted with jeans and it's not too long.</p>

<p>Their jeans are great, and I love to catch it when they have those big bins of $5 items.</p>


<p>Just a note to the above poster - I'm gay. So maybe my opinion is warped LOL. I do agree that Express is much slicker; more of an uptown, homo feel than the other mall stores.</p>

<p>I also like Club Monaco but their shirts are, unfortunately, crap.</p>

<p>Express men is awesome..and no its not gay its for guys who maybe have a more city/european style of dress (metro have you). And its not preppy..AF, AE Aero is preppy and well..its garbage.
-Im not gay</p>

<p>They all suck. Just get corporate T-shirts and a couple of Levi's/Old Navy Jeans from your local JCPenny and there ya go, about a 1000 dollars worth of savings from clothes.</p>

<p>Shoes are a different story. Gotta have 100 dollar Nikes.... for running and balling. AIR SHOX > j00</p>

<p>I think Express is more upper class than Abercrombie and American Eagle</p>

<p>I buy clothes at walmart.</p>

<p>HAHA I do that when I absolutely have to buy new shorts. Good man you are sir. I take it you're a man because it seems like only men ever call in to sports radio talk shows. IMO they can be good, except when Mike has an ego trip and Mad puppy is having one of his "ONE TIME" rants....did you catch that rant live btw? LOL it was hilarious he was like "CAN I GET A BREAK ONE TIME" because he was upset with his Giants in 2003 or something like that.</p>

<p>guys who wear Express well are hot. Much more so than A&F, AE, etc..</p>

<p>It's less... 'dumb highschooler who only looks good because he's wearing "stylish" clothes.'</p>