Extension Email Addresses

<p>anybody know when extension kids get their emails? spring admits can in like december but i heard extension kids get it sooner</p>

<p>someone please answer...i'd like to know too.</p>

<p>My S got his last August. He was away all summer, so not sure if you can get it any earlier than that</p>

<p>im an extension kid and i got my email address today..i sent in my SIR a few weeks ago</p>

<p>how did you get an email address?</p>

<p>went to calmail n set it up through the "berkeley internet link"</p>

<p>hmmm you're so lucky...my calnet id still hasn't been loaded in and I sent in my SIR a few weeks ago too. I'm also sure that extension cashed my $100 check.</p>