External Dartmouth Transfer Chances

<p>I'm currently a freshman at UVA. While its certainly a decent school in its own right I've decided I want to try to transfer into Dartmouth
3.9UW GPA taking virtually the more difficult course load possible at a private competitive HS. </p>

ACT: 33, SAT 2200(Math 770, CR 730, Writing 700)
SAT II's: Math (750), US History (770), Physics(800)
AP: US History (5), Calc BC (5), Micro Econ (5), Macro Econ (4), Physics C (4), ENGL lit (4), Chem. (3) </p>

<p>The 33 Act and 2200 SAT I got without any studying and with only taking each test once so when this time around when I actually do study and take the tests multiple times if necessary I think expecting a 2300-2350 SAT and 34-35 ACT is fairly reasonable. I could also prob raise the Math SAT II to an 800 if I retook it. </p>

<p>Current Classes:
STAT 212
ECON 202 (Macro)
300 level American Lit class
200 level writing class
Span 201 </p>

<p>Getting a 4.0 this semester should not be a problem. At worst I'd imagine 1-2 A-'s but I don't think that is going to happen. </p>

<p>College EC's:
-Wrote a business plan and helped secure donations for a health clinic in Africa
-Club Ski Racing
-Member of my school's invest club which has 500k AUM
-Will get involved in voltunteer work within the next couple of weeks
-Involved in some math/business based research project. I'm just waiting to hear what is avalible. Will be working very close with a professor, so I'll have at least 1 very solid letter of recomendation assuming everythign goes well.
-I started an currently manage an online retail operation </p>

<p>I realize that Dartmouth is extraordinarily difficult to externally transfer into. If, however, I pull off the 4.0 this semester, raise the test scores, follow through with the EC's, and a write convincing application essay do I have a shot? I not what can I do between now and March to improve my chances?</p>

<p>Right now I'm thinking the only really "hook" I have is my involvement in the health clinic. I'd guess that having a a very active role in helping to start a health clinic in africa is fairly unique. Should I try to stress this in my application? The grades and test scores seem pretty standard for dartmouth applicants, as well as the other EC's except possibly the research depending on how that goes. Any advice is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>You are a great candidate. Dartmouth is incredibly difficult to get in as a transfer as you noted, but do everything you can do and you should have a shot. Keep up the ECs, raise the stats, and get great recs.</p>

<p>I don't know if I would bother retaking the SAT when you already have a 1500, which is at least in the top 1/3 of the class at Dartmouth. Or, at least I would not consider it as important as getting as high a GPA as possible. You're obviously more than qualified, but it may more come down to the fact that there may literally be very few to zero open spots. I would think at 3.9 GPA at UVA and a 1500 SAT would be looked upon more favorably than a 3.7 GPA at UVA and a 1550 SAT. I knew a guy that transferred from UVA to Dartmouth with a 3.9 GPA at UVA and a 1400 SAT; however, he was also able to play football at Dartmouth. In addition, it's really hard to predict what your grades are going to turn out to be three weeks into your freshman year.</p>

<p>I agree. Your GPA at UVA will be very important. But I think an SAT boost would help if you can manage it.</p>