Extra Curricular Activities for Computer Science Transfers

What extra curricular activities are best for a student to have if they are are just about to start at a california community college this fall.

My top goal is to transfer to the L&S Computer Science program.

Along with grades what possible ec’s would give me the best chance of transferring.


Your primary focus should be your GPA, and completing all prerequisites for your major or other requirements. Which school? Berkeley?

Get involved in clubs or whatnot if you want to. It isn’t necessary. Keep a light course load and do as best you can. Your major is very competitive - it is difficult to get into the top schools with your major, even as a transfer. Many technical majors like CS have to spend 3 years at CC completing all of the requirements. Check assist.org - put in your CC and a specific UC campus and your major, and you should see which classes you’ll have to take.

They want to see that you are able to do well in college-level classes, and complete all (or as many as you possibly can) prereq’s and general education requirements.

Thanks for commenting here too!

Thanks for the heads up and information.

So clubs are much more secondary to grades. Got it.

By far. Participating in clubs is good, though. Some EC’s are better than none. I’m all for doing things outside of school, but they aren’t necessary so long as you do well academically.

If there is an engineering or computer science club, join that.

As people have said, GPA and finishing major pre-requisites are the most important factors of your transfer application. However, if you’re looking for an EC, how about working on developing a website or a piece of software? If you’re not interested in web/software development, working on some kind of project related to your area of emphasis would be really good–and having stuff like that on the resume will help you out later. Maybe try GitHub to see if anyone wants help on a project of theirs?