Extra curricular activities

<p>Do the type of extra curricular activities have an impact on college acceptances? For example, how much better is a leadership role than a smaller leadership or membership role? Also, does it matter whether your extra curriculars are in your school or outside of school?</p>

<p>It doesn't matter whether your ec's are done in school or out. It's important that you stay committed and passionate</p>

<p>yes they do matter. the ones that matter the most are the ones that show ur leadership. im tired of people putting down like chess cub 4 years or ish like that. anyone can do that, u should put something that puts u above everyone else. sports captains, etc.</p>

<p>lol @ jedi mind tricks. they are a good rap group btw. What I have been told for the most part is to have Ec's that are different than everyone else's, but that leadership positions like Model UN are important.</p>

<p>good? how bout the best, besides Pac, The Roots, and Zion I</p>