Extra Recs/ Print Preview Problems

<p>Hey, im applying RD to Penn. I already gave out two recs to math and science teachers. But im applying to wharton and I have a kind of economics class this year with a really cool, really successful, and really smart businessman who teaches us just as philanthropy. I know he will write a really good recomendation and I figured since he is all about business and economics, which is what im trying to major in, it would be a kind of unique and helpful recomendation. Should I get three recs with a somewhat risky third source (because one might think its a blow off course even though its really not, its titled Financial Life Skills) or should I just stick with two recs. The reason I ask is because I am pretty borderline in my application and really want to go to Penn and am trying to stand out.</p>

<p>Second, as i mentioned, i am applying to Wharton. When I go to print preview for the basic info form, it places a check in the huntsman part of the application, even though im not applying for any joint or accelerated program. It puts a check in the wharton box for the school i am applying to, but says i am applying to get a bachelors in science from the college, not wharton. Is this normal or just a glitch?</p>


<p>hey, anything that can push you over the edge to get in helps. i think it would defintely help you more than it could possibly hurt you.</p>

<p>does Penn specifically say to restrict yourself to two recomendations or is it ok to make it 3 if its theres something to be said about you</p>