Extra writing sample

<p>I heard that it might be a good idea to send an extra writing sample, particularly one from class that is graded, besides the required essay to the schools you are applying to. Does anybody know if it would be alright to send a handwritten essay instead of one that was typed? Also, do you think it is okay if the essay is slightly long, about 3 pages typed? I'd really appreciate some help.</p>

<p>Schools that require writing samples ususally want a current graded paper with comments</p>

<p>Dont' send an extra if they don't ask for supplemental writing.</p>

<p>BUt is it okay if the paper isn't very short, like a college essay?</p>

<p>It depends upon the school. Some schools are adamant about extra paper not being sent. Some schools are lenient, if you feel you have something important to say. It does not seem like you are sending this for the right reason. It seems like you are sending a graded paper because someone made this up and told you, not because the school you're sending it to is interested in it. If the school wants graded papers, they will certainly spell that out and some do.</p>

<p>I'd only send extra writing if you had a) a published piece that highlights your writing skill or an activity you are involved with, b) you have a stellar piece of writing that your teacher urged you to send, or c) you have some important point that you want the admission committee to know about you.</p>

<p>It's just that one school I'm applying to (my number 1 choice) made it pretty clear that, to be considered for their more generous scholarships, it would help if I sent in a graded writing sample. The idiots at my school lost my writing folder which contained my best pieces from freshman, sophmore and junior year so I had to pick out my best piece so far in senior year, which happened to be a two and a half page typed essay. The essay is fairly long and not on the most interesting subject matter but it does show a pretty good example of how I write and because I needed something to send in, it is my only option.</p>

<p>Well that is defferent if the school makes it clear that you should sent it, isn't it? If it's you only option, then there you go--nobrainer.</p>

<p>Only other thing I can think is if you have some time before it's due, make your next paper really good. You don't keep your own papers?</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>

<p>Last year, in junior year, I spefically kept papers I did well on. And after I weeded out ones with no comments, I only have two or three good papers with good or constructive comments. I think only one school I'm applying to requires it though. I'll probably just send it there.</p>