Extracurricular Activities

<p>Should I send in a resume along with my application, because on the online application, there isn't much space to list extracurricular activities?</p>

<p>I just had my guidance counselor send mine along with my transcript</p>

<p>I listed extracurriculars on my app and also mailed in a personal activities resume with things that didn't fit on the app. You can go into slightly more detail on a resume</p>

<p>Can I send two documents such as one for essay and other for EC ? I can only attach one document under essay. How do I send ECs separately ? Via email ? Wont they confuse that there are two different things, essay vs ECs ?</p>

<p>Put your essay on the application online. After you submit the application, email OAFA with your ECs/Resume</p>

<p>Thanks Awesome.</p>