Extracurricular Activities

<p>I need some info on what looks good for extracurricular activities. I am a junior now, and will be doing some community service at a hospital, but I am looking for something else that will be good for my college application... Maybe summer school, but not sure yet. Any ideas?</p>

<p>Well, a class officer is always good. Anything that shows your leadership is good. Sports are good. An extra class at a community college is always good. An extra class in the arts is good, showing you're a well-rounded student. But, most of all, leadership positions in whatever you do is your best option.</p>

<p>These are leadsrhp positions athat are looked upon favorable. Holding either president/ vice president of a club or class officer. Being a cpatain of a team or just committing yourself to an activity even if you don't have a title to go along with it because colleges will ralize hopefully if you incorporate this stuff into your essay how much it really means to you</p>