extracurricular drop-down menu

<p>I'm pretty confused about this. It has a lot of activities to choose from, or you can select "other", but I don't see a place to specify what "other" is. My problem is that I'm involved in three publications at my school, all of which fall under the "Journalism/Publication" header. Ahh....help?</p>

<p>Yeah the previous version allowed you to specify, this is a major letdown on their part. The simplest answer is to just attach a resume to your app or put down in additional information your full club name and what it does, etc.</p>

<p>Ugh. I wish if when you selected "other," it'd open up a box for you to type what "other" is. There are other clubs I'm a part of that aren't on that drop-down menu, because they're specific to my school. Resume it is. Thanks!</p>

<p>^I was wishing the same thing. :( I just wrote the club name for "others" in the description box. Like "Other Club: ..."</p>

<p>I thought that the name of the club went under "Position Held, Honors Won, Letters Earned, or Employer" ???</p>

<p>^It really shouldn't matter, as long as you also manage to fit in the "Position Held, etc." in that spot as well. You should also make sure you do include a description within the description box.</p>

<p>Ok so to clarify...haha...sorry I just want to make sure I don't mess this up:
For instance mine is "Music: Instrumental" and I want to specify that it is Orchestra (and then also Chamber Orchestra...and many other musical things I am involved in) do I put that under...</p>

<p>"Position Held...etc?" </p>

<p>It's just kinda awkward. D:</p>

<p>Well, in our defense we have to put it somewhere.
I'm just squeezing the name into the description box so that it's clear I have basically no leadership positions :)</p>

<p>rofl, yeah i think i'll just do that unless i hear otherwise</p>