Extracurricular from freshmen year

<p>I want to go to hyps and i have the testing grades, honors, leadership positions, sports.
My question is, I was the president of the student council when I was a freshman (from a different high school) and I did so much work than any other extracurriculars that i have taken combined! And i am very proud of that experience.</p>

<p>But when appying to those schools, should I put this as one of the positions? I really am not and do not want to seem desperate by asserting the "president" position.</p>

<p>But it was a huge achievement to me.</p>

<p>Yes. If it is important to you, then include it. </p>

<p>However, please keep in mind that you are asking for advice from an anonymous message board...</p>

<p>You should definitely put it! If you really held the position, why wouldn't you? College applications are basically the time to brag about yourself...</p>