Extracurricular Question

I was on the cross country team sophmore and junior year. I made varsity sophmore year but i still wasn’t the best runner. Last year I really didn’t enjoy it. It felt like torture. I want to quit senior year but I’m scared it’ll look bad to colleges (especially since I’m applying to ivy leagues). Would colleges look down on the fact I quit senior year? Would I still put it on my resume?

I still do a bunch of other extracurriculars ( which are more important to me) and if I quit I would take a college evening course instead of running.

No. Yes.

What you describe is perfectly normal.

Only the highly selective colleges care about ECs at all. Regardless, even if you are qualified and on path to Ivy - you should NEVER do an EC for someone else or for a future nameless AdCom - do them for YOU. If you don’t like XCountry - don’t DO XCountry. HTH!

^ This. Do it for you. Most colleges wouldn’t care that you decided to quit senior year. I think most would assume you just developed other interests, which is okay! Still put it on your resume!