<p>Okay, soo i love love LOVE doing community work, and i have over 2,000 hours volunteering at the animal shelter, fostering dogs/cats, working at rescues, i also have volunteered at Christmas Cheer this past christmas, so i have i think 8 hours for that. But i want to do some more!! And for homeschoolers it's pretty hard to find stuff. I wanted to do a Spring Break project at Mono Lake California for one week, that gives community service hours. But i just dont know if thats going to happen. I am a meber of 4H since like 3rd grade. I will sign up for Big Brother Big Sister when i turn 16 in april. But is there ANYTHING else, i have looked, and looked and looked. I went to Dosomething.org and searched but nothing for the area comes up :? any idea's?</p>

<p>Also i have done out of state volunteer. And i won a Dosomething 500$ seed grant.</p>

<p>My daughter worked at a local stable that does therapeutic riding for handicapped children. No horse riding experience was necessary. </p>

<p>But, really, you would be better off asking people who live near you. Ask the people you volunteer with and see what else they are doing.</p>

<p>What are your passions? What kind of community do you live in? Here are some things my son has done:</p>

<p>Church worship, church youth group leader, playing music at nursing homes, performing in a talent show to raise money for an organization, supporting persecuted Christians in the Middle East, tutoring math, tutoring physics, tutoring/teaching violin</p>

<p>If you have a special skill or talent, consider using that to help other kids. Consider tutoring at the local elementary school or library.</p>

<p>There are LOADS of community service opportunities; no organization will turn you down for being homeschooled! I know a homeschooled family that trained a guide dog puppy--with your interests and past experience, that would seem like a perfect fit for you! You could also help out at a veterinarian's office or something...</p>

<p>If you have $500, though, make the most of it! You can use the money to start your own group, that fills a need no one else is filling. I'm sure you've noticed something that could really help animals or people who are in need in your community. Use the money to start something, even if it's small.</p>

<p>Maybe a program to connect animals with special needs kids, or something like that?</p>

<p>Do you like to crochet/knit? there is an organization called Project Linus that has chapters in most states. They collect handmade blankets to give to children/teens in hospitals. You could organize a sort of crochet/knitting club... Maybe meet at your local library?... And then donate the blanket to your local Project Linus group. </p>

<p>If you like the outdoors, you might try calling your local city/state/national park and see if they use volunteers to fix trails or lead hikes. You could also call a community center or library to see if they need volunteers to help with programs.</p>