Extracurriculars: Dungeons and Dragons

This seems like it shouldnt need to be asked, but DnD has had a resurgence after popular shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things. With a year-round 3-5 hour per week time committment, would it be acceptable to write Dungeons and Dragons DM in the activities/interests section of an application?


@AvgZing Sure. Is this your only EC? Place them in order of commitment/importance, etc.
Are you writing your own campaigns? Obviously, writing them takes a lot of commitment, great imagination, super planning and forethought, organization and detail focused skills. IMO, emphasize the skills, especially if you’re the DM of an established group that meets weekly. That way it doesn’t come across as just “playing a game” if the AO doesn’t know the commitment/effort it takes to create and write a lengthy campaign.

Yes, it does not need to be asked. Of course, it is something on which you spend your time but it is as compelling as… If you did spend 3-5 hours per watching Stranger Things I don’t think that is of interest regarding a college application. Likewise D&D.

@AvgZing - In my opinion, D&D is a great activity to add to your activities section and also relevant if the colleges you are applying to have clubs and you see yourself continuing your involvement. Part of the value of the activities section is to not only see how you spend your time and what you value, but also what will you bring to campus and potentially be involved in once you arrive.

@Tigerwife92 provided you excellent information on how to talk about it in the very limited 150 characters - I would add: are you playing outside of school or did you form a school club, will you form a club (as great Covid club with the ability to play via Zoom) - this would also be of value to clarify in your description. If you started a club - have you attracted new members, if you joined an existing group - did you take on the DM role, if you brought in new members - did it expand the diversity of the club - ie: girls are now playing, students across other grades. If none of this is true to your situation, I would suggest highlighting the creative side of the game.

Yes, especially if you are the DM. It shows leadership skills! My D20 used one of her essays for the UC schools to describe it as her creative outlet and also DM leadership and it was one of her best essays!